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Addendum to the Go Cup 2025 Regulation

During the qualifying phase, in case of simultaneous suspension of 20 or more games due to climatic reasons and the same can not be restarted, the result will be considered the moment of the interruption of the game.

If the match has not yet started, the result will be considered 0x0.

In extraordinary cases of interruption of one or more matches due to weather or playing field conditions, if at least the first half of the game has elapsed, the result will be considered to be that of the moment the game was interrupted.

Rules and Regulations

Registration: up to 14 athletes and 4 Technical Members.

Soccer 7: 6 in line and one in goal.

Unlimited substitutions.


Under 06 - Under 07 - Under 08 - Under 09 - Under 10 - Under 11 - Under 12 - Under 13 Fem - Under 13 - Under 15 Fem

Playing Time: 20 minutes 2 times with 5 minutes interval.

Series: Gold - Silver - Bronze.

Games: Group Stage (Classifier), Phase Playoff (Round) in the event of a tie decision by penalties.

Minimum of 5 games per team.

Arbitration: Official 2 field judges.

Balls: Official differentiated by category.

Corner and Goal Kick with your feet.

Off side to the categories: Sub 10 - Sub 11 - Sub 12 - Sub 13 - Sub 13F - Sub 15F.

Uniforms: 2 per team, different colors, properly numbered in the back; compulsory use of shin guards; Cleats of all models (except metal locks).

Prizes: Trophy and Medal for Champion and Vice Champion in all series of each category.


At the time of registration, for all legal purposes, the use of the club's image, technical commission and athletes will be authorized for the purposes of registration, event disclosure, free of charge, constant in photos and filming. The images may be displayed: partial or total, in audiovisual presentation, publications and national and international publications, as well as available in the image bank resulting from the research and on the Internet and other future media. As this is the expression of the club, technical committee and athletes, they will have nothing to claim as related rights the image of these or any other.